We try to find an appropriate mix of traditional and contemporary worship ensuring that every part of the service is relevant to 21st century life. The local primary school kindly let us use their grounds for parking so there is plenty of space to get parked within metres of the building.

Morning service – 10:30am

The first part of the morning service is for the whole church family and includes an All-age talk. On most Sundays children from the age of 3 – S3 join us for the first part of the service, then enjoy fun, games, crafts and teaching in:

Totzone (0-2yrs)
Kidzone (3yrs – p3)
Kidzone+ (p4 – p6)
Teenzone (p7 – S3)

Occasionally our whole service will be All-age as we explore God’s message to us all together.

Afternoon & Evening Services

In addition to our weekly Sunday morning services we also offer a number of different afternoon and evening services. We try and follow a pattern that offers something different for every week of the month. The hope is that through these services we can offer something for everyone as we enjoy fellowship, prayer, teaching and communion together.

In order to find out what services are coming up please check our What’s on page.

The different services we offer are:

Sunday@3 (3pm – normally the first Sunday of the month)

The grace, love and fellowship of God are for all people. This includes those for whom a traditional morning service, or a later evening service is not really an option. Sunday@3 provides an opportunity to include those who may not otherwise get to church in the life of our fellowship here.

sing along

Messy Church (4-6pm)

Messy Church is a way of being church for families of all ages involving fun, creativity, hospitality and celebration. For more information on Messy Church at Stirling North please click here.

Kingdom (6.30pm – normally the second Sunday of the month)

Our “Kingdom” service provides a regular opportunity to gather together around God’s Throne of Grace in order to pray for His Kingdom. At this service we spend most of our time praying for people in our church, our city and the world, bringing to God all of our cares and concerns.

Word (6.30pm – normally the third Sunday of the month)

We all need guidance in our lives and God gives us no clearer guidance than by his word. This service will provide a further opportunity for us to come together under the preaching of God’s Word as together we seek His guidance for every part of our lives.

Table (6.30pm – normally the fourth Sunday of the month)

One of the great gifts that Jesus gave the church was that of communion. On the fourth Sunday of the month we therefore gather around his Table to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. In this supper we are reminded of all that Jesus has done for us and are built up in faith. In the sharing of bread and wine we are spiritually nourished and reminded of our bonds to Christ and to one another.

Songs of Praise (7pm)

From time to time we have special Songs of Praise services where we gather and share in singing some of the hymns that have a special place in our hearts.

Seasonal Services

Throughout the year we also have special seasonal services such as our Quiet Christmas Service, our Christingle Service and our Holy Week & Easter Services.