Christianity is first and foremost ‘Good News’. It’s not in the first instance ‘Good Advice’ about what we must do or how we should live in order to please God. Instead it is news about what God has already done for us. This Good News centres specifically on the person of Jesus Christ

The Bible tells us that Jesus is God’s Son and that he speaks and acts with all the authority of God himself. He came into this world as part of God’s cosmic plan to rescue people from sin and death, to bring them forgiveness, eternal life and to restore them into a loving relationship with God. Jesus achieved this through his death on the cross, and in order to demonstrate his victory over death God raised him from the dead. The fact that Jesus was willing to die in the place of others and to be punished instead of them is the remarkable core of the gospel. We learn at the cross the true depth of the love God has for all people.

It is through the death and resurrection of Jesus that people can be reconciled to God and come into a relationship with Him. Entering this relationship doesn’t depend on our own efforts, or even the strength and sincerity of our faith. Rather it is trusting the Good News that Jesus has died to save us.

The power of this Good News is amazing and it has the power to transform every area of our lives. Since we have been accepted into the family of God we no longer live in order to prove ourselves. Instead we are given the freedom to love God and our neighbours. This doesn’t mean that we become perfect overnight. Rather we are seen as perfect in God’s sight and slowly, we begin to become like Jesus.

At Stirling North we are living and working out this journey of faith and discipleship together, as part of God’s family. As we meet together we try and explore and unpack the Good News of Jesus to see how it affects different areas of our lives. We share together in the highs and lows of life and faith and encourage one another in our faith. If you want to find out more then we would love for you to come and join us.